A New Dawn - Original Oil on Canvas by John Pitre - £5,000,000.00


This original oil painting is entitled ‘A New Dawn’ and was painted in 1966 by the great American visionary and surrealist artist John Pitre. The significance is the subject of the painting; a prediction of modern day New York following its destruction and the ultimate survival of its people in the face of great adversity. In this amazing depiction the figure of a man is stood on the original site where the Twin Trade Towers were built; as a visionary he depicts the destruction of the buildings before they were built.


Many people now draw a parallel between this painting and the rebuilding and unification of the people of New York following the September 11th disaster. This comparison has been subject to US media attention (please see photo of ground zero which the painting has been compared to).


Also of significance is that Governor Rockefeller was actually buying the painting in order to ‘gift’ it to the City of New York prior to his death.


My family has now owned this painting, as well as two further John Pitre original oils, for nearly 25 years and was bought whilst we were residents in the US.


The painting has been professionally valued by a prominent US Appraisal House at a value of $5,000,000 USD. The market for John Pitre original oil paintings is rather unique as few major works become available to the public; the majority of his key original paintings are in the possession of a few key collectors. John Pitre’s paintings are well known as thought provoking social commentaries and many reproductions of John Pitre’s works are renowned globally; one image alone, named Restrictions, has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. New Dawn actually features in the world acclaimed book ‘The Art & Works of a Visionary’.

This amazing piece of art is for sale at $5,000,000 (GBP price is subject to current exchange rates).

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