1926 Fiat 501 sport silvini - £45,000.00

Fiat produced the 501’s from 1919 – 1926 (it was their first production car post WW1) and they made a total of circa 47,500 across a range of 501, 501S, 501SS & 501 SS Torpedo, There was a surge of interest in motor racing in the 20’s and 30’s, particularly in Italy, and specialist tuners were able to easily convert the 501’s as an affordable and reliable way to ‘go racing’. Unfortunately, due the nature of motor racing at that time many cars did not survive until now. During our ownership we have repainted the car, had the wheels sandblasted & repainted, the magneto has been overhauled, adapted for a dynamo, a reconditioned started motor was imported from Romania, a small amount of chromework was carried out and the brasswork recommissioned. It also has a centre accelerator.

4 cylinder side valve 1.4 litre, 4 speed gear box on right hand side, artillery wheels, twin spares, right hand drive, took part in the silver flag vernasca hill climb, once of the most prestigious events on the classic car calendar, could be very competitive in the right hands.

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